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Events are planned to engage women of all ages to develop experiences spiritually, socially and emotionally. Lunches, sharing skills and creativity, retreats and living life with God are all part of the interactions that happen with women. Women’s Ministry invites women of all ages. Some events include daughters and younger girls and there are other times child care is provided.

"Creative, Clutter-free, Gift Giving"
Hosted by Gwen JOhnson
Friday, September 14, 6:00-9:00 pm
The Carriage House--(Loose Funeral Home)
200 West 53rd Street

Open to all women and girls 12 and up.

Baked Potato Bar catered by Nameless Catering
Cost: $13, adults; $5, girls --

Join us for an interactive session on creative, clutter-free gift giving. We’ll discuss reasons we give gifts, the importance of considering the culture and the recipient, brainstorm relevant gift ideas (considering experiences over things, quality over quantity), and create our own clutter-free gift for upcoming birthdays, Christmas, etc.

Please bring:  pair of scissors, “used” greeting card (front and back!), ruler, and pencil. Also, if you have scrapbooking/card-making materials” (punches, stamps, embellishments, paper, etc., to share please bring them.

Next Garage Sale will be in April, 2019. Donations will be accepted, beginning the week of August 12. If you are thinking about doing any summer cleaning, preparing to move, etc. and need a place to donate your items, contact Gwen Johnson, 765-615-1345.