The Christmas Shop

at Park Place Community Center

The Concept: 

The goal of The Christmas Shop is to provide a place for community families to purchase brand new Christmas gifts for their children at yard sale prices. The Christmas Shop is based on the “Pride for Parents” model from Focused Community Strategies in Atlanta. Robert Lupton developed this initiative after he spent time delivering free Christmas gifts to families living in poverty in South Atlanta; families that couldn’t afford regular store prices. Lupton observed that the mothers were very quiet during gift delivery and often, the fathers left the room entirely. “Although the children were ecstatic, the recipient parents were struggling with a severe loss of pride. In their own homes, their impotence as providers was exposed before their children. The mothers would endure this indignity for the sake of their children, but it was often more than the fathers could take. Their failure as providers was laid bare. It was destroying what shreds of pride they were managing to hold on to.”

The Plan:

The 2018 Christmas Shop at the Park Place Community Center dates will be announced soon.

Each year, we will invite a select list of participants to ensure a smooth operation before potentially opening the Shop to the wider community next year. During our open hours, parents can come to the Shop to purchase Christmas gifts for their children at dramatically reduced prices. Parents that can not afford our prices may sign up to volunteer at the Shop to earn credit to be spent at the Shop. 

Visit our Amazon Wish List to purchase items. 

To make a donation or volunteer, please email Kirsten at or call at 765-374-4662.