Let’s “begin with the end in mind.” That ultimate end would be to know God in Jesus Christ and enjoy life with God forever.

But if we back up from that present and final goal into our day-by-day life, here’s what we think it will look like when you connect with God meaningfully in the community of Park Place. At least, these are some of the things that we believe will happen, over time, as you follow Christ with us:

  • Make turns daily to Christ, to the biblical message and ethic, to the world in service, to community. 
  • Share Christ’s grace and kindness daily with those nearest to me. 
  • Journey toward wholeness through redemption of who I am — past, present, and future. 
  • Discover weekly a healthy pattern of large group celebration and small group “life together.” 
  • Give and receive life each week with a person of another generation. 
  • Be (become) “salt and light” in my workplace, neighborhood, school, or place of greatest time investment through word and action. 
  • Awaken to God’s rhythm for me with God’s people in service to the neighborhood and world. 
  • Support the shared mission of Park Place Church with a tithe or more of my income. 
  • Learn to tell the Story of God in Christ with authenticity and joy! 
  • Live responsively to God’s Spirit!