Each of us lives our lives based upon a set of values. Sometimes we are barely aware of them. Occasionally, we think through what they are and why they matter to us. Over a period of several years, leaders in our congregation discerned these values as important to us. We aspire to live by them:


Christ-centered Spirituality

recognizing our human brokenness, continual acceptance of God’s grace and forgiveness, transforming and empowering us to be the people God desires


Authentic Relationships

believing all people are created in the image of God, bringing people closer to God and each other through a spirit of non-judgmental acceptance that reflects God’s love; koinonia


Compassionate Witness

actively loving and serving those in our fellowship, neighborhood, and around the world; calling people into relationship with God through Christ


Genuine Worship

individually and as a community praising, listening, and responding to God with the whole of our lives; living daily in response to God’s love