“Experience Grace… Build Community… Serve Christ… Celebrate Life”

These four words express the heartbeat of the Park Place faith community. We hope you find a life-giving experience of these active expressions as you join us in worship and in life with the community outside the brick walls of the Park Place building.

Experience Grace...through a growing relationship with Christ, a confession of need and an affirmation of faith. Receive forgiveness and healing through mercy from God and the community of the people of God.

Build Community...receiving life with others as a gift of the Spirit. Discover growth together as a redemptive body. Share fellowship in Christ with each other transcending class, group, tribe and circle.

Serve Christ...discovering and putting into action gifts and graces as we become the heart, hands, feet and voice of Christ in our local community and around the world.

Celebrate Life...with first family and those who grow to be like family in the faith community as we: seek and follow our calling and find redemption for our past-present-future story, engaging with Christ in the workplace, school and those places we make our greatest investments of time.

We anticipate, in this journey of celebration, a life of growing joy as the image of the loving God is evidenced in all of life’s expressions.

This is our bottom line: “Park Place Church of God glorifies God by awakening people to a dynamic relationship with God, becoming together the hands and feet and voice of Jesus in the world.”