On behalf of our community of faith at Park Place, Welcome. Our mission captured in short words:  Experience Grace, Build Community, Serve Christ, Celebrate Life.

We hope that you sense this reality underlying all that we portray here. In Anderson, Park Place is a people who follow Jesus, who love one another, who go with our Lord to serve every week— across the street and around the world.  

Park Place is a place. As a neighborhood on the near eastside of the city of Anderson, Park Place is the home of Anderson University and Park Place is the home of Park Place Church of God.  As a church, we aspire to be the university church with her heart in the community. 

Our congregation brings the two together in relationship, in service, and in life. On Sundays, we worship in a Church of God cathedral erected in 1960 that makes the ancient and the future of our faith a present reality. Do not be intimidated or misled by all the bricks that comprise our buildings.  You will find a warm welcome inside.

Park Place, most of all, is a people. Our worshipping community averages around 300 people each Sunday morning. But the number of those who serve or who are served on our campus through Park Place Church of God, Park Place Children’s Center, and Park Place Community Center in a given week would number 4 to 5 times that amount.

Our congregation sprang from the Gospel Trumpet at the heart of the Church of God movement when it relocated the publishing house to Anderson in 1906. Something of its welcome to the stranger, its passion for the good news of salvation, the depth of a holy and loving life, the willingness to sacrifice to serve the world lives on here. 

Welcome!  You are invited to discover life in Christ with us here now.

Pastor David Markle