This is a list of the current prayer requests for Park Place Church of God. If you'd like to request prayer, please contact the church office at 765-642-0216 or use this prayer request form.


Bethany Pointe -- Olive Joannides
Bethany Pointe -- Ken & Doris McCreary
Bethany Pointe --Nilah Youngman
Crown Pointe – Charlotte Brooks
Harter House – Alma Hatch
Harter House – Rosemary Williams
Manor Care – Margaurette Upshaw
Middletown Nursing & Rehab – Ava Arhendt
Miller’s Merry Manor, Chesterfield – Mary Ann Imler
Primrose – Maurice & Dondeena Caldwell
Primrose -- Glenn & Bernie Falls
Primrose – Dale and Joyce Grubbs
Primrose – Harold Smith
Primrose Memory Care – Robert Nicholson
Rawlins House -- Don Barnes
Rawlins House -- Martha Lash
Rehab Center (Indy) -- John Kane
Riverwalk Commons (Noblesville) – Dwight & Sue Dye
Riverwalk Commons (Noblesville) – Harold Conrad
Vermillion Place -- Billie Luther Williams

At Home

Erica Baker
Dan Ferree
Estella Moser
Paul and Dee Stephens

Our Missionaries

Don and Carolyn Armstrong,

Bernard Barton, Japan, or

Nathan Edwards, Kenya, Blog: 

Ernie and Lori Nicholas, Kenya, Blog:

Tim and Colleen Stevenson, Uganda, or 


Jael Tang, New Zealand, Blog:

Tim and Josie Vickey, Malawi,

Frank and Rosanne Ward, Chicago, IL,

Extended Family

Paul and Paula Lavernge (cousins of Janice Gaunt)